I do have ideas, I just also have a life

I had wanted to update this blog every weekday. That hasn’t happened, but it’s not because I don’t have interesting things to write about. It’s because I have a life.

I have a job, I have a wife (high maintenance, but she’s worth it), I have a baby on the way, a demon clown daughter mind you, that I have to prepare for. I’ve got remodeling to do so the baby has a place to live. That’s mainly self-preservation on my part; I don’t want her sucking out my breath while I sleep, or causing necrosis of the brain, or whatever it is that demon clown babies do. I’m not so much building a nursery as a cute little baby holding facility.

Things I’m happy about: Austin lost the part of Danny in the Broadway revival of Grease. I can’t tell you how happy I am about that. He squicked me out since week one. We actually voted against him, that’s how much we didn’t like him, and we usually never vote because we usually don’t want live tv ever. Tivo, baby.

I’m also happy that someone invented an all-edge brownie pan. Firestar hates the edge, so this is like kryptonite to her. However I like it and I sorta want to get one, plus I could use it for cornbread. But it’s $37 or something, and I’m poor.

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