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Fresh Baby Scent

While registering for baby shower items, we saw that they had baby wipes with “Fresh Baby Scent.”

I don’t know if I want to know what that smells like.

I told my wife they should have wipes that make your baby smell like New Car Interior. That would probably get a lot more dads involved in their kids and improve society.

So far no one else thinks that’s a good idea.


Heroes has jumped the shark.

I think it jumped when, in the last episode before the latest hiatus, they basically asked us to send them our story ideas!

I’ll still watch it, because I need to unwind after a hard night’s home construction, but I’m not excited about it any more. Two long breaks, lost momentum, and I keep expecting something to happen and they keep dragging it out.

I didn’t even remember most of what happened last time, so I’m glad they recapped it (normally I hate recaps). I just remembered Linderman’s funny line about his Pot Pie.

I was hoping to see him eat the Pot Pie, but they left that part out. And that was the main reason I watched!

How stupid is Mohinder? He tried to execute Sylar, fails, is tortured and knows he’s going to be killed. He then manages to knock out Sylar, but instead of finding the gun or a heavy object to bash his head in, he drags a dead body out of the room, down the stairs, into a cab (with a surprisingly jaded cab driver, I might add), and leaves!

If knocking out Sylar worked (which I’m surprised about, considering what else he has been through), then smashing his head should have worked. And we know Mohinder is okay with killing people, he pulled the trigger last episode. So why not now?

Because it wasn’t in the script!

And Peter, after turning invisible, didn’t do anything until he got hit with the glass. He’s fought this guy before, he knows he’s a killer, he almost had his own brain removed, why is he just standing there? He fought tougher with Isaac.

And speaking of Isaac, isn’t it too bad that, with all the future he sees, he couldn’t figure out that letting Sylar get another power is bad? Take a cue from Eden, dude, and make your brain unusable. However I will generously assume that Isaac knows that somehow Sylar having the future-vision power will actually lead to Sylar’s downfall. But I may be giving the writers too much credit.

They could still pull off a good show, but I don’t see any evidence of that happening. They have a lot of good ideas, but the execution is no longer compelling.

I’m not going to be a father. I am a father.

My demon clown baby is slated to be born this July. That means she has existed already since last October.

People keep saying things like, “Looking forward to being a father?” Pardon me, but I already am. I’ve seen the pictures. There’s a real live baby in there. She kicks my wife in the bladder, and does a happy dance when she gets fed.

Sure, I don’t have as many responsibilities as I will have soon, I haven’t had all that much parenting to do yet, but I’m already a dad. Just an inexperienced and terrified one.

I did want to open a 529 education investment account, so I can start saving for her college fund. Turns out you need a name and social security number to do that, and she doesn’t have those yet. Well, fine.

If you want to contribute to her education fund, why not install the free Firefox software linked to on the right? It’s a much better web browser than Internet Explorer, and when you install it, if you never have before, Google will pay me a dollar! All proceeds go towards my daughter’s education.