My First Comment Spam!

This is a pretty new blog, and I haven’t been trying to promote it (except I tried submitting stuff at Reddit, but it never shows up there), so the only traffic so far is from Google.

So I’ve only got one legit comment as of this writing, and today I got one spam comment. It went into a moderation queue, so it was never live, but I guess if spambots think it’s worth putting their garbage on here, it must mean I’m moving up in the world.

So far most of my hits are the Dr McNinja costume picture, which is pretty cool if I say so myself.

My wife doesn’t even read my blog, so I don’t know why I think anyone else will. Of course, she hears my opinions all the time so doesn’t need to read them as well.

I haven’t been trying to get my friends to read it, because while I don’t post anything I consider private (and cannot comprehend people that do!), it’s a little weird to think of people I know reading my thoughts. I don’t care if people I don’t know read them. Does that make sense to anyone else?

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