Before Google

In the old days of 1996, before Google’s search engine existed, the Internet was a different place.

There were many search engines, Yahoo, Webcrawler, Alta Vista, and they were all worthless.

Let me tell you how search engines worked in those days. They returned searches based on any of your search terms, not all of them.

For example, you could search for Poison Oak and get hits about rat poison, because the word “poison” matched, but “oak” didn’t.

Isn’t that the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard of? Every search resulted in millions of hits.

The search engine I used back then was Lycos, because it at least told you if it wasn’t matching all your search terms. It was say “3 out of 4 search terms matched” or some such. So you would start at the 4 out of 4s, and when you got to anything else you knew you could stop looking through their results.

I cannot tell you how happy I was when Google came along and had a hard AND in their searches. If a page doesn’t contain ALL your search words, it doesn’t count as a hit. To me, that was the most obvious thing in the galaxy.

Thank you, Google. I may not like everything you do these days, but thanks for being the only ones smart enough to implement a real search engine.

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