Neverending Dr Pepper

I drink Dr Pepper. I don’t like to eat a meal without a Dr Pepper.

I used to put a 12-pack in the fridge so I would always have a cold one. Then they started making the 24-pack cubes. And then… then they started have 36-packs at Costco.

I put the entire 36-pack in the fridge, and that was a joyous time. I would reach in, and there would be a cold Dr Pepper. Days went by, and every time I reached in, a cold Dr Pepper.

Having grown used to the 24-pack, I would reach in, find nothing, and reach farther back, to the back of the fridge, and there would be more cold Dr Pepper.

I was so excited. “There’ll always be Dr Pepper!” It was like the TARDIS or closet to Narnia, it just kept going. I would reach my whole arm in, and there would be Dr Pepper. I was so happy.

Eventually, though, I really did run out. That was such a dark day. But it was a wonderful feeling while it lasted.

Nowadays, being married, I can’t take up so much fridge space with my drinks. I have to take individual cans out and put them in the door shelf so I have cold beverage.

But I recently took a 36-pack to work and put it in the fridge there.

So far, there has always been Dr Pepper. I hope it continues this time.

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