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You’re not clever. Stop it.

Please, people, before you try to say something clever, consider this: if you thought of it that quickly and easily, don’t you think someone else might have done as well?

When Ellen Degeneres publicly proclaimed her gayness, people that disapprove of homosexual sex called her “Ellen Degenerate.”

Really? Everyone already figured that out when they first heard her name, before she ever did anything to make people not like her. She even had a joke about it in her pre-gay stand-up act.

It’s not like people were just calling her that in passing. No, they emphasized “Degenerate” as though they thought we might miss it, as though they had said something really clever, like we were going to say, “Whoa, her name does sound like degenerate, and she’s doing something bad!” with a look of total shock.

I’m all for making stupid jokes as long as you know they’re stupid. Don’t be obvious and then act clever. It’s just so sad.

Emergency Background Music

Haven’t posted in ages. I’ve had tons of things to say, but no time to say it. No free time to post at work, and I’m usually not even on the computer at home any more. Too much to do to get ready for the baby.

Anyway, I did have a thought today while reading a message board with people talking about scary movie clichés:

Psst. It is safe to check out noises in the basement at night with your flashlight, unless you go down there in nothing but your underwear. That is when the psycho will get you every time.

Oh, and check for background music. If you hear creepy background music run away. Run AWAY!

I thought, you know how they have emergency lights? They have a battery, and when the power goes out, they light up the joint? Get some emergency background music.

If the light on the basement stairs goes out, it’ll automatically play eerie music to alert you to the danger.