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Pieceless Jigsaw Puzzle?

There’s a video over at about pieceless jigsaw puzzles. Seems pretty interesting, although I wonder how challenging it is if the pieces are all connected?

There’s theoretically a way to get a free one to try. You post about it on your blog and then e-mail about it, and they supposedly send one within 4 weeks.

We’ll see. Someone at said they got it and it was real neat.

If I get one, I’ll definitely post a review. I’m all for getting bribed to review stuff, I got no problem with it. Only thing is, one, I’ll always say if I’m getting something out of it, and two, my opinions can’t be bought. If I say a thing is neat, by jorge, it’s neat. And if it’s a sorta meh, I’ll say that too.

SIDS: My baby is alive, so it’s funny

Update: If you disregard the warning below and read this post and get offended, then please read this follow up as well.

My baby is still alive so I can joke about SIDS. I tried to tell my dad the “crib death” joke and he didn’t find it the least bit funny, since he knew someone whose baby died.

So, if you find such things offensive, please don’t read this post. No harm is meant, I don’t find real crib death funny in the slightest.

This is just something I thought of while worrying about my own baby suffocating, choking, or dying in any of the myriad ways babies can just expire. So, you’ve gotta laugh.

Click the image below to see it full size.

Sudden Infant Death Metal Syndrome

Insulting the baby!

My little Demon Clown Baby was born in July. She has kept us quite busy.

I’ve never been interested in babies before. Mostly they’re rubbish, I’ve always thought. Mine’s neat though. What I find fun is to insult her. Do other parents do this?

When she cries, I tell her to shut her milk-hole.

She’s got a ton of nicknames: jerkface, poopy girl, scumbag #4 (the cats are 1, 2, and 3), whiner, burpy, and milkface, among many others.

If she cries while I’m changing her, I inform her that nobody loves her. I make fun of her for being bald and toothless.

It’s all done in a very loving and soothing voice. My wife is just as bad as I am, too, in case you were wondering.

One of these days we’ll have to curtail this, when she starts to understand language.

But for now it sure is fun.