SIDS: My baby is alive, so it’s funny

Update: If you disregard the warning below and read this post and get offended, then please read this follow up as well.

My baby is still alive so I can joke about SIDS. I tried to tell my dad the “crib death” joke and he didn’t find it the least bit funny, since he knew someone whose baby died.

So, if you find such things offensive, please don’t read this post. No harm is meant, I don’t find real crib death funny in the slightest.

This is just something I thought of while worrying about my own baby suffocating, choking, or dying in any of the myriad ways babies can just expire. So, you’ve gotta laugh.

Click the image below to see it full size.

Sudden Infant Death Metal Syndrome

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  1. Mel:

    I think it is sick that the heading of this is “SIDS my baby is alive so it’s funny..”

  2. Lex:

    no babies get SIDS when they are put on their stomache. My friend had a baby recently and the docter told her not to put him on his stomache or he’ll risk getting SIDS.

  3. patricia:

    yea my little cousin was a healthy baby… he was sooo happy… but when he was 4 months and 10 days old he died of sids…. it was january 1st 2004… he meant soooo much to me and know he is gone…. sometimes it still feels like he is here with us he would be four now

  4. Ali Lynn Cooper:

    it was a year ago and my friends baby was found on her stomach not breathing. her father began performing CPR until the ambulance arrived. she started turning blue and absolutely no life in her. she was pernounced dead at 8:15 am…a week later she was viewed and berried. that was 3/24/ is now 3/25/08…her name was Ali Lynn Cooper…GOD BLESS BABY GIRL!!!!!

  5. Ali Lynn Cooper:


  6. sally:

    i thought it was frickin funny!! yes we all know sids is seriously horrible for any family to go thru. this isnt talking about your friends baby who died..or your aunts baby who died…etc. Lighten Up people! Yes! It was Funny!!

  7. mw:

    bad joke

  8. courage:

    Uhh, hello, it is so uncool to even joke about SIDS. people have had infants who have died from SIDS, and really hate to see people joke about that. plz stop. My sister died from that, dont think it’s funny… : (

  9. wilma:

    i believe that u are a sick [expletive deleted]!!! why would u even put this [expletive deleted] up??? do ur not even have any respect???

  10. Kumar:

    I understand you don’t find it funny, but this is something that should not be joked about at all.
    Thousands of babies are killed from SID and your busy making images like these.

    People like you, only think for themselves.
    Sick [expletive deleted].

  11. Anonymous:

    For one, You don’t “get” SIDS. SIDS isn’t a condition that you catch, like a cold. SIDS can happen to ANY baby, and it DOES NOT end at one year of age like most think. It’s name just gets changed to SUDC (Sudden Unexplained Death of Children) My nearly 6 week old died of SIDS…and I pray that the jackass that posted this “crib death joke” never has to experience it. I wouldnt wish it on anyone, not even [expletive deleted] parents that think its funny to joke about such things. SIDS can happen to ANY baby at ANYTIME, any race, any gender. Think before you open your mouth about whats so “funny.” The stupidity of people amazes me, and it amazes me even more that these people have children. Poor, poor children.

  12. Sarah:

    On sept. 12,2008 my daughter died of SIDS she was 3 months and 16 days old. It breaks my heart to hear people so lovinly joke about SIDS. It’s stupid to joke about something that tears families a part everyday. the of my child has made me turn my back on my family.

  13. Heidi:

    Ofcourse this is funny to you, because you don’t know of the utter heartbreak and lifetime pain that parents experience when they lose a child. The sleepless nights, the torture of waking up and knowing that your nigtmare continues because you have to face another day without yor child, the forever thoughts of what if you’d done something differently would that have changed anything. The sudden drastic change from being a mommy one minute to being childless the next.Your dead childs clothes and toys that now haunt you and remind you of what you had that is no longer yours.The feeling of hopelessness because there can’t possibly be anything left in this world to live for.Try to imagine,REALLY imagine holding your dead,limp child in your arms and begging God to spare your babys’life and let you wake up from this nightmare,you trying to hold unto your child for dear life trying to pass on some of your will and your life into your childs body,calling their name and your only response is a small head falling back lifelessly and little hands that drop to the side limply. Where is the smile you know is supposed to be there,the breath, the life.Funeral home shopping will be the last thing that you do for your child, and it drives you into deep despair to go from shopping for food clothes and toys to shopping for a funeral home and a casket.Nothing in your life is the same anymore, you are not the same anymore.Your pain is forever.
    Nothing about the death of a child is funny,NOTHING.
    You know what is funny though, life is.Life is funny, hilarious even.It’s never too late to lose a child,and how would you feel if yor child were to die, and your pain and suffering, like so many of us begins, and you think back on this thread that you posted,this hurtful and inconsiderate thread.How will you feel then? I hope if your child ever dies, you laugh.Laugh hysterically,and I hope other people laugh too.Life is funny, let’s all just loosen up, hey?
    I will call my post–” When Your baby Is Dead, I Will Laugh” or ” I Hope Your Baby Dies So I Can Laugh”
    I hope this is cracking you up, cus I’m LMAO!!!

  14. Shannon:


  15. Sarah Hill:

    You are a Sick Weirdo. My daughter died from SIDs. Very unexpectedly. This [expletive deleted] is not funny at all. My little girl was 5 months and 12 days old. she died only a month ago. I hope That you learn something from the cruelty that you are causing from the name of this [expletive deleted] joke you have posted

  16. Heather:

    I just finished a paper today over Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It is not a joke at all. My cousin just died from it. Yes, a baby can be at risk if you put them on their stomach to sleep. With SIDS a baby doesnt suffer. The infant feels no pain… who ever wrote this is SICK!!!! SIDS IS NOT A JOKE ITS REAL… and thanx to all the people who actualy care… its sad when ANYBODY dies but especialy a baby…

  17. codi:

    wow…no matter what you say sids is NOT a joke! they are innocent babies and you have no right saying this. its terrible and you are sick in the head. what happens if your babies child dies someday? ( i hope it dont) but [blasphemy deleted]! be an adult and stop this [expletive deleted] your being ridiculous and if you cant tell you offended ALOT of people. what about the people who have went through this and justify for me please how this is even minutely funny? dumb!

  18. codi:

    you know what? actually where do you live? how about we admitt you into a mental hospital and have the state take your kid away you crazed lunatic! uh people like you are a waste of air! How bout you look at your baby and say “sids is funny, its a joke” your baby may be fine right now but what about karma? i woudlnt even test my kids life over something so dumb! you are very very ignorant!!!!!!

  19. Amanda:


  20. Kaiti:

    If we want to stop SIDS, we should stop vaccinating our children! Vaccines cause SIDS!

  21. missy:

    hey well we all have the right to have an opinion and im glad ur baby didnt die but respect hte people who suffered

  22. Corinne English:

    This is not a funny joke. Even if you take away the seriousness of SIDS. It’s still not a funny joke. It’s what I call a stupid idotic joke. Your stupid.

  23. Corinne English:

    And Vaccines doesn’t cause SIDS either. There is not reason for SIDS. It just happens. There are factors that raise the risk. Like a child being around someone who smokes, being put on their stomaches, and being hot and sweaty while sleeping. There is another but I don’t remember but vaccines don’t cause SIDS. Although I don’t think children should be vaccinated for everything. Let your child get the chicken poxs it wont actually hurt them. If they don’t get it by 12 or so years old then get them vaccinated.

  24. anonyomus:

    my child development class is studying SIDS. and i can’t believe you would joke about something that has obviously has hurt so many people. don’t joke about SIDS. so many people have lost their babies to SIDS, and you have no right to disrespect them like this.

  25. lesley:

    how dare u say dat SIDS is not a joke ur so sick I hope u learn a lesson dat .akes u regret dis awful SIDS JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. jazz:

    i really dnt think this is funny nd just cause ur child is a live that doesnt make this funny… so if ur grandmother died of cancer and i said cancer is funny cause my grandmother is still alive???? no that really wouldnt be write… however that isnt y i am visiting this page… today at 7:14 am my bestfriend called me and told me that she found her baby brother dead… on the couch turning colors eyes rolling in the back of his head… just two hrs after she was playing with him. now i dont have the type of bestfriend who cries whenn ppl die and she was crying until her eyes were shot red burning and dry… now i am an oly child so idk how that feels but imagine finding ur child sister brother cousin… etc in bed and just dead… u wouldnt think it was funny then… but u’ll get whatevers commin cause that was so immature and rude!!!!

  27. House:

    Publisher of this picture, I commend your bravery and patriotism (If you’re an American Citizen)for using your first amendment rights of freedom of speech and press but there’s a reason why you don’t yell bomb in an airport or write about overthrowing the government on the internet. Things like this brings up bad memories that were best off buried and forgotten. So when you post something, consider who might view it if it’s open to the public’s eyes.

    By the way, I thought it was funny. After all, this picture is suppose to be black humor, as in funny but disturbing to some others. This picture is pretty mild compare to the other things I have seen. Trust me on this for the internet is full of every conceivable good and evil and there is only one word I have to say to prove this, illwillpress (look it on google to see what I mean). It’s funny but cruel to some others.

    So to those that didn’t like this picture, just write that this was not funny and it was bad. There’s no need for flames, just constructive criticism. Because the only way to progress is by helping each other make the right choices.

  28. House:

    Oh and the person that posted the picture isn’t a bad person because he understood that this picture would bring up criticism by explaining himself at the beginning of the post.

    “So, if you find such things offensive, please don’t read this post. No harm is meant, I don’t find real crib death funny in the slightest.

    This is just something I thought of while worrying about my own baby suffocating, choking, or dying in any of the myriad ways babies can just expire. So, you’ve gotta laugh.”

    He gives viewers a warning beforehand to stop reading if you might be offended and he doesn’t find SIDS funny in the slightest. And to make a point, he wrote about how he also worried about his own child. Although the only time I would ever laugh at SIDS is when my child is old enough to avoid being killed by it. After all, you pass through a disaster and have a laugh about it with you friends and let the worries slide off. So congratulation! You child passed that stage of his life so celebrate his birthday every year as if he survived a near death experience.

  29. House:

    I didn’t draw this but whoever did is more insensitive.

  30. House:

    People can be so hypersensitive. I say do what you want and make a few more SIDS jokes just to piss off everybody that ignored your warning and then delete the posts you don’t like just to spite on them.

    Oh, and I thought the joke was funny. “The purpose of black comedy is to make light of serious and often taboo subject matter, and some comedians use it as a tool for exploring important issues, thus provoking discomfort and serious thought, as well as amusement, in their audience. Popular themes of the genre include rape, murder, suicide, war, terminal illness, abuse, insanity, disease and crime.” So lighten up people. Yeah, that’s a WIKI definition, look it up people if yo’re not satisfied.

    Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb is a movie that makes fun of nuclear weapons, which can cause more deaths that any birth related deaths combines and nobody complains about that. But what do you expect from hypocrits?

  31. Chrissy:

    This is to Kaiti: You posted If we want to stop SIDS, we should stop vaccinating our children! Vaccines cause SIDS! I’m not sure if this is true but I do know if we don’t vaccinate our children there will be more child deaths then ever. I was worried about getting shots for my baby because I didn’t want him to die of sids so I did some research and I’d rather get my baby shots and save him from developing any of those deseases and then dieing from them. If you look it up and see some of the pictures of children with these deseases is very heatbreaking and to know that a lot of mothers don’t vaccinate to try and protect their babies is very sad because they don’t know they are hurting their children. Any way is what I’m tring to say is babies need shots, sids is just a probable risk if it’s even true. I wouldn’t risk believing in that, it’s not a fact.Get your babies immunized.

  32. Chrissy:

    And this post is very hurtful to many people abviously. Have a heart, delete this. I never had a baby die of SIDS but if I did and came across this to get some info about why my baby died or to get support I’d be very hurt. And House you must have no children or you wouldn’t be so insensitive. I do not see making fun of inoscent children dieing funny at all and I’m not the only one.

  33. Sunny:

    My six month old son died of SIDS last month. You’re a heartless, thoughtless mean person for this. I hope you go to hell for making a joke of something that is so heart-wrenchingly painful. If you think this is funny, imagine yourself having your baby ripped out of your life. You’re a sick, disgusting person and I wish I could say that it’s mothers like you who deserve to lose her baby, but I wouldn’t even wish that on my worst enemy. Think before acting….and know that you hurt myself and other parents by this post.

  34. Sunny:

    On a further note, may you always be haunted by thoughts of losing your baby, may you worry every minute of your day that since you are so blantly upfront of how heartless you are, may you always live in fear of losing your baby….may your child grow up lasing out at you as a teenager bc you are so deserving of it. May life throw you curves every single day, may you one day realize that the hurt you imposed on others by this post is the reason why one day, you will get yours. How is this post funny bc your baby is alive? What if he dies….will it not be funny then? Will you regret?

    I went online to research SIDS in lieu of my heartache and I had to read your sick post, how severely demented you are!

  35. Sunny:

    Let me try to post this again bc apparently this perverse person can post this nasty page but can’t take the heat. I will repeat myself. I am a mother of a son (who would have been six months) who passed away a month ago to SIDS. I want to know how heartless you can be to continuously have this page posted when it is obviously hurtful. I wish I can say that I wish you know what it’s like to lose a baby but I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. What I do wish for you is for you to worry yourself sick EVERY single day about losing your girl, that you will drive yourself crazy with haunting thoughts of of finding your dead baby. I hope you have dreams, nightmares about performing CPR and having your child vomit in your mouth but still not wake up. I hope you have mental pictures of utter vacancy of your child missing in your life. I hope your girl turns out as a teenager who lashes out at her mom bc her mom is such a heartless, thoughtless person. I hope you realize one day the gravity of this post and it breaks your heart.

    I also read your comment to the 12 y/o on your contact pages making of of the kid (who knew a baby who died of SIDS), making fun of the kid for some misspelled words….calling the child illiterate. Really? Must you do that? Are you really a mom bc where is your maturity level? Why would you make fun of a kid? In the heat of being angry at your post, should the child have edited the comment so that you (supposed adult) would not make fun of a kid? Is it comical like calling your child a demon child? Maybe with all of your joking around, you will get yours. May your child always give you a lifetime of disappointments, as you call her your “demon child”.

    People have asked you to delete this bc it is hurtful and you still keep this post up so this must make you proud in some sick, twisted way. I found this page bc I was researching SIDS on Google images to find a SIDS remembrance logo for something I was making for SIDS research charity. You broke my heart when I found this page. And you keep breaking other people’s hearts. And since you are obviously okay with that, I wish you a lifetime of heartbreaks. May the man you love or will fall in love with desert you; may you experience financial difficulties in life, may you suffer.

  36. beeasy:

    if anyone had bothered to read the warning,it clearly stated if u were going to get offended ,to not read. so thats on you. to the people who have actually lost babies,the person writing said she didnt think sids was funny. at no time in the joke did she say i think sids is hilarious. so enough with curses and i hope your kid hates you and blah blah. this is America people. if you dont like what someone has written,then look away.if you didnt think the joke was funny,then dont laugh. peace.

  37. babymamma:

    I think that you should thank before you speak because my best friends baby died june first 2009 of sids and its not a thang to make fun of it hurts people i dont know what i would do if my baby died. and for some one to make fun of that kind of [expletive deleted] needs [expletive deleted] bet out of them you [expletive deleted] stupid

  38. latreacia:

    this is very disrespectful i’ve got a handsome 4 month son. and i couldnt imagine whats it like for him to pass and i dont know the cause it just sudd

  39. britt:

    this is horrible…i know a family who went through this and the viewing and funeral were the worst thing i have ever gone through..yah you think its funny because it didnt happen to you but it could so get a heart and care for the ones it did happen to!!!!the mother was very young and it was her third child that passed away from sids it was the worst thing ever!!!

  40. Kelly:

    You are a waste of skin. How would you feel if you went in to your little boys room because he didnt wake you up crying one morning and you found him dead in is crib!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So many families have sufferd the loss of there baby to SIDS. You are a horrible person for even making a joke about something of this sort…Would you make fun of someone dieing of cancer? Or a brain tumor? Someone needs to give your head a shake. I believe as well you live a very boring life with no friends and you probablly dont even have your own child. You are probablly writing and doing something like this for ATTENTION YOU LOSER! And if you do have your own child I feel bad for him having such a dumb [expletive deleted] for a mother! No true mother could ever say this about a child. Just remember You get what you give, mabye one day you will wake up and your baby will be dead, how will u feel then? Bet it wont be such a joke

  41. Brian:

    My sister died due to SIDS so SIDS isn’t funny but this is.

  42. Olga:

    GOD sees it all. This is truly horrible. As parent you would think that nothing about SIDS is funny! NOthing about a dead baby is funny period! I lost my one and only son to SIDS 4months aog.. he was almost 2 months old. You should be thankful that your child is alive instead of making fun of families who lost. You are a truly horrible person and GOD sees it all.

  43. Amanda:

    not funny my daughter died from sids

  44. Melina:

    My God have mercy on your soul. What is unfair in this life is made right in the afterlife. You may find this humorous, but will you feel the same way when you are seperated from your child for eternity if you do not repent?

  45. Shawntell Hebert:

    I have experienced this devasting tradgey and it certinly is not a joke in my eyes no matter what kind of intention was suppose to be precived. SIDS needs to be stopped and by makeing it a joke you are not helping. You are making a joke of all the innocent babies who have lost their lives to SIDS!! well I am not laughing, my son died in 2007 and the shock of his death still haunts me today. Please stop all this and try puttting your efforts into something that will help change SIDS and not put it as a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Desiree:

    you are a sick person. what the [expletive deleted] is wrong with u. SIDS is not something to joke about. jus wait until it happens 2 ur own [expletive deleted] baby and see if its funny then. [expletive deleted]

  47. unknown:

    if your motive is to get people click through series of your links by offending them with SIDs jokes, well i think, you are making a bad move.

  48. Millie:


  49. Tiffany Howard:

    I can not believe that people would find this funny…I just lost my daughter to sids on June 15th 2010..she was 4 1/2 months old…do you think that is funny…I am not the only one who has experienced this..Have a heart and think before you post offensive stuff like this..whats gonna make fun of babies with mental problems?

  50. Shell:

    Does anyone get the joke? He said, “Sudden Infant DEATH METAL Syndrome”. One pic the baby has a regular black onsie and the next he has on a SLAYER onsie. Slayer is a DEATH METAL band. He’s not poking fun at SIDS. He just made it up. Lighten up guys.

  51. kellie:

    your what society calls a [expletive deleted] idiot

  52. amy:

    your cold hearted if you think any though of a preciouse life lost is funny. i hope you never have to experiance the heartach and void the death of a child brings, its too much to bear most days. you may want to re-think just how funny you think this is!

  53. SIDS MOM:

    You won’t be laughing when it happens in your family. Your curseing yourself by laughing at it. We never had a sids baby ever in our family when it happened.

  54. sean gordon:

    who ever has the balls to make jokes about sids should be shot it is not black humor its not making lite of a bad situation its disgusting how dare you my neice passed away from sids on march 24th 2007 her name was ali lynn cooper i see someone posted on here already a few years back in her memomry thank you to who ever did that…im really sick to my stomach right now dont let me find out who you are btw how does it make you feel that when i google my deceased neice name this is the first thing that pops up so heated right now!!!!!

  55. mandi:

    you make me sick my daughter passed away from sids in 2007 at 1 month 3 days old you make me sick loosing a child is the most horrible thing someone can go through and you are making fun of a very common way this happens i pray for your children i love you natalee mommy is sorry that there are stupid insensitive people in the world

  56. Acronym-o-phile:

    Hey Shell, you said “Does anyone get the joke? He said, “Sudden Infant DEATH METAL Syndrome”. One pic the baby has a regular black onsie and the next he has on a SLAYER onsie. Slayer is a DEATH METAL band. He’s not poking fun at SIDS.” If that last sentence were true, the joke would be “And your baby is a victim of SIDMS”, which would be quite a stretch as a punchline. As it is, it’s already a stretch, in addition to being a very poor joke payload vs. potential to greatly offend.

    SIDS is probably the least funny thing in the world. This is a very unkind thing to post.

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