Pieceless Jigsaw Puzzle?

There’s a video over at youtube.com about pieceless jigsaw puzzles. Seems pretty interesting, although I wonder how challenging it is if the pieces are all connected?

There’s theoretically a way to get a free one to try. You post about it on your blog and then e-mail gamewright.com about it, and they supposedly send one within 4 weeks.

We’ll see. Someone at slickdeals.net said they got it and it was real neat.

If I get one, I’ll definitely post a review. I’m all for getting bribed to review stuff, I got no problem with it. Only thing is, one, I’ll always say if I’m getting something out of it, and two, my opinions can’t be bought. If I say a thing is neat, by jorge, it’s neat. And if it’s a sorta meh, I’ll say that too.

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  1. jigsaw puzzles:

    i’m also into these old fashioned jigsaw puzzles, nothing beats that :-)

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