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eastcoastlaptops: worst online purchase ever!

Short story: eastcoastlaptops was supposed to ship an item on 12/13, didn’t do it until 1/3, and were nothing but rude, condescending, and duplicitous in their communication. Don’t buy anything from them. They’re rubbish.

Long story: My wife left her laptop on the floor and the screen got cracked. Might have been me that stepped on it or rocked the recliner on it. Doesn’t matter. Laptops don’t belong on the floor!

But, she never complained, never asked if we could afford a new laptop, because we couldn’t. Just made do with a screen with large black shards through the middle. Cute but crazy woman.

So for her birthday, which is also Christmas, I figure I’ll get her a new (read: used) laptop.

After exercising some google fu, I determine that what looks like the best deal for price, hardware, and reliable service is actually Amazon Marketplace. I’ve boughten tons of stuff there and never had a really bad experience.

So I order a laptop on 12/11. It is supposed to ship on 12/13. I have high hopes it will arrive before Christmas. It doesn’t. I don’t have a tracking number because, oddly, it was supposed to go through the US Mail.

On 12/24, after it hasn’t arrived, I e-mail asking if there is a tracking number, or an estimate on when it will arrive.

I get a response on 12/27 saying it will be shipped “no later than 12/27.” What?! It was supposed to be shipped 12/13. Not two weeks later! I am advised to e-mail back on 12/28 and ask for a tracking number. That’s my job to ask, you see.

While upset that it wasn’t shipped on time, things happen, it was the holidays. I politely reply on 12/28, in the morning, with “Please send me the tracking number.” No answer.

12/29 and 12/30 is the weekend. No answer. 12/31 is a workday. No answer. 1/1 is New Year’s Day. 1/2 is a workday. No answer. I resend my e-mail: “Please send me my tracking number. Second request. I am not happy with this transaction…”

No answer. Phone call. Voicemail. Please answer my e-mail.

On 1/3, I get a reply. On the seventh day. It says my item has been shipped and includes the UPS tracking number. Guess what? They only shipped it the day before!

In other words they ignored my e-mail for 7 days until they finally shipped it, nearly a full week after they promised, 3 weeks after it should have been shipped. Then they replied.

At this point I let them know I am not happy and request some kind of credit. Just something to show they messed up and aren’t trying to mess things up for me.

Because I had been played on the ship date twice. 12/13, then 12/27, finally 1/2. I was in the mood to forget the whole thing. Quite a bit too late for a Christmas present, you know? If they had told me on 1/2 it hadn’t shipped, I would have canceled. I suspect they suspected that and that’s why they didn’t reply. Maybe they figured once it was shipped I wouldn’t go through the hassle of canceling?

Well, they not only refused a credit, but tried to lay the blame on UPS for not picking the thing up until 1/2.

I let them know I’d refuse the package and wanted a refund. Amazingly enough, in 12 years of buying stuff online, this was the worst transaction I’ve had. I’ve had problems before, late shipments, wrong item, broken stuff, but the people I dealt with were decent enough that I was not just plain offended. Anyway, I let them know my displeasure.

You what they said back? “Although I definitely do not believe your statement about this being the most disappointing shopping experience since you have shopped online, you have had a negative attitude towards the situation your order has been in since the Holidays.”

Hah! I was nothing but polite and understanding until 1/2 when it had been days since I got a response. And after calling me a liar, they had the gall to spout some nonsense about how they hope I change my mind when I get the package.

Yeah, because I like to buy stuff from people that call me a liar and don’t care that they screwed me over!

By the way each e-mail response took a minimum of 1 full day to receive, except the last one. After I mouthed off at them back, I got a response within 2 hours, saying “since you will be returning our product I no longer have a need to speak with you since our real customers will need my assistance….”

So they can argue with me quickly, once the complaints and rudity begin, but they can’t ship stuff quickly, or at least e-mail me back quickly.

Idiots. If they had been smart enough to not wait six days to e-mail me, I might have put up with further delay. The delay is bad, but not communicating is unpardonable.

Anyway, the package came, and I refused it. My UPS driver is a pretty awesome guy. When heard my story, he was amazed. I’m pretty sure he’s too professional to intentionally kick the package around when returning it to the sender. But I can dream!

New order with Techno Intelligence, another Amazon Marketplace seller. Ordered 1/3, supposed to ship 1/9. Shipped 1/7 instead, tracking number sent via e-mail. Kudos.

Update: My replacement purchase from Techno Intelligence, instead of the dreadful eastcoastlaptops, arrived on 1/11, earlier than expected! 8 days from order to arrival! And it works fine, appears to be great condition. And my wife knows she is getting another present, knows of my struggles, but doesn’t know what it is. (Don’t worry, she doesn’t read this blog. Actually no one does.) So last she heard her mystery gift was arriving next week. Sweet!

Meanwhile eastcoastlaptops got another 1 out of 5 on Amazon, besides the one I gave them. I hope they change their way of doing business before they aren’t in business any more.