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Happy VD.

If you are single and alone, and resent a holiday reminding you of that fact on a minute-by-minute basis…

Or if you’re in a relationship, but have passed the googly-eyed stage and find uncomfortable all the pressure to be romantic…

Or your relationship is in trouble so you’d rather not be reminded of what you once had or could have had…

Or you simply prefer to be romantic on your own, without being told what to do by card and candy makers, if you can’t enjoy giving pink-heart decorated gifts without feeling like you’re toeing the corporate line like a good little consumer…

Then rebel.

And you don’t have to be a downer and ramble and rave about what you don’t like about Valentine’s Day. Let the people that want to enjoy it, enjoy it.

On February 14, simply wish everyone “Happy VD.”

Gluttony Day: 02/29/08

My wife and I started eating healthy in 2008. Fresh produce, more fish, less red meat, and a moratorium on the processed foods, refined sugars, and other foods that made life oh so enjoyable up until now.

And I’m okay with it. I can eat healthy, as long as someone else cooks it for me. I even took a stab at healthy cooking myself, while my wife was sick. Garlic and onion Turkey burgers in pita pockets with red onions and provolone cheese. Delicious.

We’re spending less on groceries, losing weight, and feeling better.


But I can’t say I don’t miss the days of consuming an entire pan of brownies, or the skyscraper-sized Mud Pie at the Elephant Bar.

Oh, the pizza at Round Table, which is all I’d eat. The Country Fried steak at Chili’s. I would gorge on the Cheddar Bay biscuits at Red Lobster. Oh, so many great tasting but heart-killing foods.

So we won’t go crazy. We won’t say we can’t ever have the stuff we used to eat.

I believe in moderation, but there’s no sense going overboard about it.

So for our daughter’s half-birthday, we went out for lunch and Ate Bad, including a Cheesecake/Chocolate Torte for dessert that was scrumptious.

And therefore, I propose a new Holiday: Gluttony Day.

See, we’re not on a diet. This is just the way we are going to live from now on. And what will keep us on this regimen will be the light at the end of the tunnel:

Gluttony Day. Every February 29th.

Once every four years, we can eat whatever we want, as much as we want.

I’m taking the day off work. We will probably spend several nights making lists of our most lusted-after foods, and planning the most efficient way to eat as much as we can from as many different food genres as we can.

After all there’s no sense just shoveling a whole large thick crust pepperoni and sausage from Round Table down one’s gullet and being too full for chocolate lasagna afterwards. There’s no style in that anyway.

Oh yes: this is a single day. That means no leftovers. Nothing can be saved to eat the next day or week. One day of foodbauchery, and then back to everyday healthy eating.

That will save money, and save our waistlines and resolve as well.

So we shall plan. And when the 29th comes, we shall reign. For a day, we shall be Kings and Queens, and consume the world.

And then it’s back to nourishing garbanzo bean soup.

Giant Microbes, and Persistance of Data

I just got an e-mail from the folks at It wasn’t spam; I’d bought a couple things from them as gifts about 4 years ago.

My contact information has sat in their system since then, and now that they have rolled out a new product (mini Giant Microbes in a petri dish!), they let me know.

I don’t get paid to review stuff on this site (especially since no one reads this site) but these are pretty cute little toys or gifts or whatever they are. I won’t be buying any more because I have no where to put them, but they sure are cute.

I don’t mind when a company I do business with keeps my e-mail and sends me marketing stuff. As long as it’s in moderation. I don’t need an e-mail per week with new products and sales and junk. That gets irritating.

But awww, how cute the little microbes are. Maybe I’ll get one after all. I could pretend it was for my daughter. How about the one for Kissing Disease? Because my wife and I kiss the baby so often. She’s got such little cheeks. My wife says kisses are what makes babies grow. No wonder the baby is so fat.