Giant Microbes, and Persistance of Data

I just got an e-mail from the folks at It wasn’t spam; I’d bought a couple things from them as gifts about 4 years ago.

My contact information has sat in their system since then, and now that they have rolled out a new product (mini Giant Microbes in a petri dish!), they let me know.

I don’t get paid to review stuff on this site (especially since no one reads this site) but these are pretty cute little toys or gifts or whatever they are. I won’t be buying any more because I have no where to put them, but they sure are cute.

I don’t mind when a company I do business with keeps my e-mail and sends me marketing stuff. As long as it’s in moderation. I don’t need an e-mail per week with new products and sales and junk. That gets irritating.

But awww, how cute the little microbes are. Maybe I’ll get one after all. I could pretend it was for my daughter. How about the one for Kissing Disease? Because my wife and I kiss the baby so often. She’s got such little cheeks. My wife says kisses are what makes babies grow. No wonder the baby is so fat.

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