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Terrible Movies I Like

There are some pretty reviled movies out there that I actually like, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Battlefield Earth. That’s right, I liked it so much when I rented it, I later bought it on DVD. It’s hilarious.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. A great movie. No. No. But it was okay. I liked it. Didn’t love it. I don’t see why the hate.

Hudson Hawk. Mis-marketed, but a great comedy (which is what it was intended to be). Has the distinction of having the most entertaining Director’s Commentary ever. I’ve actually watched it several times with the commentary, because it’s so funny. Almost a 2nd movie on one DVD! This one is more of a “box office failure, but later on people decided they liked it” movie.

The Master of Disguise. This was funny! Stupid, yes, but c’mon! The main character is called Pistachio Disguisey, they knew it was stupid. Even my wife didn’t hate it.