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Whoa… is that why they are called Star Destroyers?!

When I was a kid watching Star Wars, I never understood why Star Destroyers didn’t destroy stars. The Death Star was the super duper awesome new unstoppable superweapon, and it just destroyed planets.

So I guess I figured it was just to be a cool name, an exaggeration of how powerful they were.

Turns out it’s Destroyer type ship, prefaced with Star because it’s in space. Instead of the Fleet, you have the Star Fleet. Instead of a Cruiser ship, it’s a Star Cruiser. And thus the Star Destroyer.

At least that’s what some yabo wrote on

On the one hand it makes sense, but on the other hand it still doesn’t. I mean, they housed many fighter craft, so wouldn’t that make them more like Star Carriers?

And apart from Vader’s Super Star Destroyer, and the Death Star, they were the biggest ships. Destroyers are supposed to be lighter armed escort vessels.

And why would Vader’s spiffy prototype ship just be a Super Star Destroyer, if the Destroyer part referred to the class or function?

No, I think I was right after all, on reflection. It’s just supposed to sound all macho.

Sith Disposal Chute

This is the round tunnel in the ground that leads to a reactor, which is where you have to throw Sith Lords in order to kill them.

Darth Maul met his end in one on Naboo, and the Emperor, due to supreme overconfidence, actually had one installed in his private chambers on the second Death Star, presumably as a big “screw you” to the last Jedi, basically saying “I am so awesome that even with a Sith Disposal Chute right here in my room, I can’t be defeated.” Although considering he masterminded one of the most convoluted conquest plans ever under the very nose of the Jedi order, succeeded completely, and has been ruling the galaxy for 20 years, and managed to kill Samuel L. Jackson, if anyone had the right to be overconfident, it’s him.

Anyway, in Episode II there is no Sith Disposal Chute and so naturally Dooku cannot be defeated by the Jedi.

Ah, but how about Episode III? I submit that Dooku’s death was brought about by Palpatine; he told Dooku to take it easy on Skywalker, as they were to turn him to the dark side. And he’s the one that commanded his death. (Dooku did deserve it for being dumb enough not to know the 2 Sith Rule.)

So, a Sith can kill another Sith without resorting to the Chute, but so far the only Jedi vs. Sith battles to end with the Jedi on top have needed a Chute.

Obi-Wan vs. Whinikin on Mustafar? Didn’t die.
Yoda vs. Palpatine on Coruscant? No chute, Palpy wins.

Baby April Fool’s

Me: Whoa, come quick!
Wife: What is it?
Me: The baby just stood up all on her own! I let go and she was just standing balanced for a few seconds!
Wife: Wow, really?
Me: No. April Fool’s.

I wasn’t trying to be mean, but I guess it came out that.