Whoa… is that why they are called Star Destroyers?!

When I was a kid watching Star Wars, I never understood why Star Destroyers didn’t destroy stars. The Death Star was the super duper awesome new unstoppable superweapon, and it just destroyed planets.

So I guess I figured it was just to be a cool name, an exaggeration of how powerful they were.

Turns out it’s Destroyer type ship, prefaced with Star because it’s in space. Instead of the Fleet, you have the Star Fleet. Instead of a Cruiser ship, it’s a Star Cruiser. And thus the Star Destroyer.

At least that’s what some yabo wrote on tvtropes.org.

On the one hand it makes sense, but on the other hand it still doesn’t. I mean, they housed many fighter craft, so wouldn’t that make them more like Star Carriers?

And apart from Vader’s Super Star Destroyer, and the Death Star, they were the biggest ships. Destroyers are supposed to be lighter armed escort vessels.

And why would Vader’s spiffy prototype ship just be a Super Star Destroyer, if the Destroyer part referred to the class or function?

No, I think I was right after all, on reflection. It’s just supposed to sound all macho.

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  1. Jimmy:

    I totaly agree wuth you on this it’s just weird.

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