Bobbing for Bacon

My wife was helping plan a Halloween party and said “we can bob for apples.” Now, I like party games, even old and clich├ęd ones, but I don’t particularly like apples.

What’s the fun of participating in a game, and perhaps winning, but your reward… is an apple. Woo hoo.

So I suggested bobbing for bacon. “That’s disgusting, who would want water-logged bacon?” “Well,” I said, still off the top of my head, “you put it in a ziplock bag, filled with some air, keeps the bacon dry, and buoyant enough to still bob for.”

I haven’t tried it, and it was a silly idea, but the more I think of it, the more I like the idea. I handed out actual toast at my wedding as a wedding toast, so maybe I’ll push forward with this. I don’t know if the ziplocks would really work, probably too easy to get hold of, need something with the right difficulty level.

How about a hollowed-out wax apple, with bacon inside? You think you’re getting a piece of fruit, but it’s actually bacon! That’s a reward.

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