Why Progressives Are Stupid; Why Conservatives Are Stupid

Self-styled Progressives feel superior because they see their views as leading towards progress. And they think that can continue forever. They favor redefining marriage to include same-sex couples, because to them freedom should be ever expanding.

Except hardly anyone really wants that to happen, even the progressives. 100% freedom is simply anarchy, any society must limit the freedom of its citizens somewhat if it wants to exist. For example, do even the staunchest “pro-freedom” progressives really want it to be legal for people to engage in public sodomy in the middle of a toy store? No? Well then we can agree that there are limits to freedom then, can’t we? We just don’t agree on where they are.

At some point, if the progressives got all they wanted, they would become conservatives. They would then want to freeze things in place, because to go beyond that would actually make things worse for everyone, right? They just think people don’t have enough rights at the moment, but surely they have some stopping point, if they’ve thought that far ahead…

So all the talk of unending progress is just stupid, right? They don’t really want progress forever. There are always limits.

Conservatives are fools too though. They seem to all want to return to the “good old days.” Except there were no good old days. Some things were better a few years ago, if you’re against things like socially acceptable premarital sex and pornography. But what if you’re for equality of individuals without regard to race or sex? You wouldn’t want to return to the 50s. I wouldn’t even want to return to the 80s and have to endure smoking in every restaurant and public place. (Hooray for California for anti-smoking laws.)

The difference between the groups is that Progressives act like conventional morality is stupid and we should always march towards (their version of) progress. Conservatives believe in right and wrong. Progressives believe that the idea of right and wrong, is wrong. Conservatives concept of morality may be skewed, they might like conventional morality more because it’s conventional than because it’s actually right, but at least they take a stand.

Of the two groups, I view the Progressives as the most smug in their superiority while being the most myopic. The irony of that drives me from them.

Keep in mind the Progressives have made great strides over the years. But also keep in mind that today’s conservative is yesterday’s progressive. Martin Luther King Jr., with his radical ideas of racial equality, was surely no conservative. But if he were still alive, would he be preaching for the acceptance of same-sex marriage? What do the two have to do with each other, at all, really?

Let’s not tout “moving forward” as a good thing unless we know what we’re moving to, and know it’s better than where we’re at.

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