Obama won’t fix anything!

So it looks like Obama is going to be President. I’d just like to go on record as saying that Obama is a politician, and he is not going to change things for the better. Like just about all politicians, he says things to win votes, especially among the impressionable and mega-conformist young people.

He won’t restore our liberties. He won’t reduce the power of the government.

If you think he will, you have bought into the system.

McCain (should he win) sure won’t do any of that stuff either. The difference is that Obama supporters seem to think he’s something new and special, instead of just the latest in a long line of chief executives who perpetuate the system and take more power for the federal government.

You had your chance to elect Ron Paul, or even Dennis Kucinich, but you all blew it, because you don’t *really* want change, you just want someone who talks about it, but in a nice non-threatening way (i.e. who won’t *actually* change things, because anything other than the status quo is scary).

Meanwhile Obama supports partial-birth abortions and letting die without treatment babies who survive abortion procedures anyway. Even if you think a fertilized egg or 1st trimester fetus is not a person with rights, that should horrify you.

But then, killing full-term post-partum babies should horrify Indians, and apparently it doesn’t that much.

Just remember, if you’d been alive in the times of American slavery, you wouldn’t have protested that much. Status Quo is king. Don’t rock the boat. Everyone else is doing it. It’s what we’re used to, so we aren’t shocked. No matter how shocking it ought to be.

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