The Backyardigans: Who Goes There?

I know I’m an American parent now, because despite my best intentions, my daughter watches television. I didn’t want it, but putting it on a show called The Backyardigans will get her to eat. I try to limit it. While children are watching television, their brains aren’t really developing. Doesn’t matter how educational it is supposed to be. It’s just not good for toddlers.

However, the show is actually pretty cool. I don’t know much about shows like Teletubbies or Dora the Explorer, except to know that I hate them from what little I’ve seen.

But this show has some pretty awesome music sometimes. The hook is that five children (anthropomorphic animals/aliens) share a big backyard and have adventures in their imagination. They all play well together, taking turns being in charge (in one episode one will be a Butler, obeying the others, in another the Boss at a racetrack, giving out orders), and usually playing with cooperation instead of competition, but when they do compete it’s always good natured.

In the most recent episode I watched, “Who Goes There?” Tyrone is a security guard at a museum. In an homage/ripoff of the film Night at the Musuem, Pablo, Uniqua, and Austin are works of art that come to life.

The musical style of this episode is Flamenco, and it is wonderful. I’ve been listening to it when my daughter isn’t even in the room.

Here’s a youtube clip I found, and the lyrics transcription.

Uniqua:   Tired of hanging around
Pablo & Autin:   Tired of hanging around
Uniqua:   I’m still all day, now I gotta play
  I’m Tired of hanging around
Pablo:   I’m Tired of standing around
Uniqua and Austin:   Tired of standing around
Pablo:   The public’s gone and the party is on
  I’m Tired of standing around
  I’ve been posing in this pose
  Since sixteen forty-two
  It’s great being part of famous art
  But it gets boring too
Uniqua:   I’ve hung in the gallery
  A hundred years or more
  My beauty is immortal
  But my neck is kinda sore
Austin:   I’ve spent two millenia
  Reclining on that pot
  Yes that means 2000 years
  And yes that is a lot
  I’m tired of laying around
  Tired of laying around
  Life on a vase has a slow pace
  I’m tired of hanging around
Uniqua:   We stand all day in artful poses
Austin:   Never stretch or scratch our noses
Pablo:   But when it’s night this place closes
All:   Say bye-bye to the daytime crowd
  Time to get busy, time to get loud
  Tired of laying around
  Tired of standing around
Uniqua:   Come on boys, let’s make some noise
All:   Tired of hanging around
  Tired of laying around
  Tired of standing around
Austin:   We’re gonna make this whole place shake
All:   Tired of hanging around


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  1. backyardigans lyrics:

    One of my kids favorite song. Thanks for sharing. :D

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