Shane dosen’t die at the end

If anyone has seen the film The Negotiator, you know that Kevin Spacey’s character indicates that Shane dies at the end of the film adaptation of the novel, Shane.

Well he doesn’t. He lives in the book, and he lives in the movie too. He’s riding uphill at the end, clearly alive.

So don’t believe what movies tell you, even about other movies.

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  1. Sergio Torres:

    It is not true. The book leaves us with a question mark about the end just as in the movie. It is good interpretation about if he dies or not, it is up to us. As we are in a western movie, and shane got shot, he will not be able to cross the field. But ir is my interpretation. Didn’t take the child hope and illusions of the hero that shane was. He claims shane to came back, shane didn’t hear the boy or couldn’t. It is to us to have our conclusions. It is a marvelous movie. That’s it. Furthermore, if shane have died or not at the end of the movie, you don’t think that we have already known after 50 years since the movie was released? There is no doubt that the autor leaves the interpretation about the end to us. That’s it.

  2. Kaiti:

    Lol. My husband (named Shane) was named after the book. I didn’t know there was a movie adaptation. You’ve peaked my interest.

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