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San Francisco Zoo – South Gate closed!

So I haven’t been to the zoo in a while. I take my family, and we park at the South Gate. I always used to go in there, but now it’s not an entrance, it’s just an exit.

And the old main entrance on Sloat is closed too. The new main entrance is a three minute walk from the street through their new paid parking lot which costs $8.

So we’re sure not paying for parking, so we figure, we’ll park at the South Gate, walk all the way around (about a 15 minute walk) but then when we leave we’ll be right by the car.

Great plan, except the South Gate isn’t an exit now either. It’s nothing.

Even though the maps still say “South Gate (exit only)”!

And it’s the type of exit gate with a revolving gate that only turns one way, and it’s simply not possible to go the wrong way. In other words, it can be left unmanned as an exit.

But instead there’s a padlock on it so we can’t get out.

So we have to walk all the way back across the zoo with an 18-month old child who was assured we were going home.

And then I get to push the stroller back to the car (15 minute walk!) and drive back around to get wife and child who stayed to watch the horsies (the carousel).

So thanks, SF Zoo, for lying on your maps and closing all exits except the one in the paid parking lot, just to try to get another $8 out of me.

DirecTV sucks

DirecTV’s email customer service sucks.