How about ONE strike and you’re out?

Richard Allen Davis is now trying to get his conviction underturned.

This guy’s been in prison 15 years for kidnapping, raping, and murdering a little girl.

He was sentenced to death, but of course no one has gotten around to doing it yet.

Polly’s death at the hands of Davis, who had an extensive kidnap and assault record going back to the 1970s, led to the creation of California’s three-strikes law.

How about the one strike law for things like kidnapping? We have millions and millions of people in this country. Kidnapping is something no one should ever do at all, so why give people a second chance? We’re not going to run out of people, we don’t need kidnappers to shore up our numbers. Let’s get rid of the kidnappers right away, not wait until they do it two more times.

But let’s get rid of the death penalty. We’re too wussy to use it (else Davis would already be dead, as there is NO ONE who thinks he’s innocent, he CONFESSED). So let’s just stop arguing about it and lock people up forever.

I’d prefer us to execute these scumbags, but since we never will, let’s at least lock ‘em up in supermax prisons.

Polly’s still dead, and this guy is still alive, trying to get out. If you don’t remember, at his sentencing, instead of remorse, he claimed Polly told him “Just don’t do me like my dad.” A confessed kidnapper and murderer, it wasn’t enough to end Polly’s life and destroy her family, he had to make a pathetic last-ditch effort to hurt the family even more by vicious slander.

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