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Abortion Doctor Murdered

So the big thing in the news now is that a guy murdered a doctor who performs abortions for a living.

And pro-life people are mainly condemning the murder, because while they are against abortion, they are also against adults murdering adults as well.

But I’ll be straight and tell you how I feel about it. And yes, I’m breaking Godwin’s law here, but bear with me. And if you don’t understand how analogies work, please stop reading now. In fact, close your browser and sign off the internet. We don’t need you here.

Anyway. Imagine an SS Officer. He goes to work at Auschwitz, and kills some Jews, and comes home to his family, in the suburbs. He plays with his kids, he eats his dinner, and then he goes back to work the next day, and his job involves killing people. He doesn’t feel bad about it, because they aren’t really people, just Jews, and they are in the way.

Now, imagine that some German citizen, who happens to think gassing Jews is bad, breaks into his home and kills him. This is a violation of German law against murder, of course.

Now, let me ask you this: do you feel sorry for the SS officer? Do you feel the one who killed him should be punished?

People that believe abortion is wrong usually do so because they think it is killing a baby. KILLING A BABY. So to them, an abortion doctor is someone that kills babies for a living.

Now, if you don’t think a fetus is a baby, if it’s a lump of tissue, then yeah, murdering an abortion doctor is like murdering a dermatologist who removes warts for a living.

But at least try to look at it from the opposing point of view. If people don’t feel sorry for George Tiller, it’s because they think he killed hundreds or thousands of babies. They would be horrified if a dermatologist was murdered, but they don’t think that’s what happened. To them, an SS officer was murdered.

Was it murder? Of course. The pro-life people who are denouncing it would probably have also denounced the murder of an SS officer. Even if you don’t feel sorry for the victim, even if you think it’s better that he’s dead, it doesn’t mean you support a vigilante taking justice into his own hands.

But let’s not kid ourselves. The pro-life people denouncing the murder of George Tiller don’t think an innocent man was murdered. They think a murderer was murdered. Perhaps they feel the same way as when one drug dealer kills another. Murder is bad, but not because we always care about the victim. A murderer murdered a murderer.

I would certainly never kill an abortion doctor, or a rapist, or a child molester, or a murderer, because I don’t think it is my place to do so. But if they get hit by a bus, I am not going to weep.

Why is that I can see the abortion-is-fine point of view (though I think it’s borne of self-deception) and understand their outrage, yet they can’t understand the anti-abortion point of view at all? If a fetus is a baby, then killing it is bad, and someone who kills babies for a living is a bad person, and if that person is murdered, while we don’t celebrate one more murder (since murder is bad and all), we’re also not really sorry?

To me this seems a pretty easy concept to figure out. If you want me to feel bad that an abortion doctor is murdered, you’ll have to convince me he’s more like a dermatologist than a member of the SS. Because it really doesn’t bother me when murderers die.