Stop being so paranoid about being labelled Suspicious

I take my daughter to the park, I play on the equipment with her, sometimes I play on the equipment by myself while she is clear at the other end. If I want to talk to a kid, I do so.

Ditto for the toy store, little girls underwear section of the department store, I don’t care, and I don’t care whether my child is nearby or not even with me on that trip.

I know I’m not doing anything wrong and I really don’t mind if some over-paranoid person sees me and thinks “Oh noes! An adult male in the 5T underwear section! He must be a pervert!” Think what you want, paranoid people.

And guess what? I radiate “I don’t care what any of you think” rays in all directions and have never ONCE been approached by anybody. I think the confidence with which I carry myself makes even the paranoid people figure I’m harmless, whereas if I were all timid and nervous maybe they would have the guts to report me for Suspicious Behavior or talk to me or something.

I wish more people could be as awesome as me. If you aren’t doing anything wrong, then just keep doing it and don’t worry about what other people might do. I am tired of hearing “I stopped to watch the kids play basketball but then I realized how pervy it looked so I walked away.” You can watch kids play if you want to. Just because it may be something a pervert does doesn’t mean the act itself is perverted! Society needs to grow up and stop being so afraid all the time.

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