How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

Ticketmaster may suck, with all their stupid fees, but this show was worth attending. I’m sure any seat in the house would be good, but we ended up getting row 4 which was actually the front row because the first three were blocked off. We got a GREAT view of the dragons. We were also on the side, instead of the “front.” In my opinion, it is far better to sit on the side in the middle because of the way the stage is set up.

If you sit in the “front” at the end, you will probably have the best view of the two major “flying” scenes. But all the rest of the show is probably best from the side.

No technical missteps at all. The guy that played Hiccup was a little whiny for my taste, but the humans are not the stars of this show.

My five-year-old daughter was scared at the initial blast of (real) fire that was 10 feet right in front of us. Very hot on the eyeballs. But after that fright (and who could possibly blame her? It makes sense to be afraid of surprise fire!) she just LOVED the show. She loves the film and loves Toothless and Meatlug (the Gronkle dragon).

My wife had never seen the movie but she also loved the show.

I ponied up $10 more for the program, and that was worth it, because she really got a lot of enjoyment out of that as a souvenir.

There’s some cool merch, toys and such, for sale, so if you bring your kids, either expect to spend another $20 each on a toy (yes, pricy!) or make sure you get them some merch somewhere else FIRST so you can say, “Honey, you already have a Toothless toy! You don’t need another one!”

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