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Once Upon a Time tv show

Spoilers up through season 2’s “We Are Both.”

So first let’s list Regina’s crimes and character flaws. Just off the top of my head (feel free to chime in with more):

She lied to Snow about Daniel leaving, but then had murderous thoughts about a girl that, while dumb, was honestly trying to help.

She conspired to murder the king (Snow White’s father, Henry’s great-grandfather!) and got her father to be complicit.

She seduced a patsy and got him to murder the king.

She betrayed her patsy.

She tried to have the Huntsman murder Snow White.

She ripped the Huntsman’s heart out and enslaved him.

She REGULARLY raped the Huntsman.

She sent an unknown number of children to their deaths in the Blind Witch’s house.

She tried to kill Snow White with a poisoned apple.

She murdered her father.

She attacked the Enchanted Forest with armed guards, unknown death toll, but the Prince was seriously wounded.

She placed a curse that enslaved everyone for 28 years with permanent false memories.

She murdered the Huntsman.

She psychological abused her son by lying to him and manipulating him.

Even after the curse is broken, her victims retain the memories of any soul-crushing deeds they did while not in their right minds. E.g. Snow remembers committing adultery on her husband, and Charming remembers committing adultery on his wife, neither knew what they were doing, but they will forever carry the memory of those actions, even if they understand they were not culpable. That is lasting and permanent psychological damage.

The curse victims remain stranded from their homeland.

Snow White and Charming lost their daughter, forever. They saw her as a baby, and now she’s 28 and they will NEVER get to raise her, see her first step, teach her what they would have wanted to teach her. That cannot be undone and is wholly the fault of Regina.

There’s probably more.

Now, it seems like the character of Regina is being setup to possibly try for redemption. I don’t believe anyone can NEVER be redeemed, IF they actually want to be. I do believe people get so evil that they will never be willing to do the things necessary to actually achieve redemption though.

Considering that she’s a rapist, murderer, torturer, kidnapper, and dictator, she has a lot to answer for. If she wants redemption, wouldn’t she have to:

Admit her crimes, without trying to justify them.

Acknowledge that was evil and hurt people that cannot be undone.

Nevertheless attempt to make restitution to all her victims. She can’t bring back the dead but she could do everything in her power to help heal the harm she has caused.

Accept that she would need to spend the rest of her life in prison and all her power and worldly goods would be used to mitigate the damage she has caused.

Now, do you see Regina doing this? I sure don’t. If she wants redemption but tries to justify her past actions, if she thinks she can say “sorry” and then get let off to live her life happily, well, that is not redemption either.

So no, she will not be redeemed. If the writers of the show have a horrible idea of redemption (like Darth Vader being “redeemed” from countless murders simply because he saved *his own son*), then they may go that route, but I doubt that many viewers will be convinced!

Does Regina really want redemption? I doubt it. She’s a sociopath at this point, she doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She is only making noise about redemption for two reasons:

1. She doesn’t want to be her mother.

2. She wants Henry to love her.

Everyone else can go hang, she doesn’t care about them. If Henry would love her, she’d be able to shuck off point one, and continue being evil. She likes being evil. She hasn’t developed a conscience.

Now, the danger: since she remains utterly selfish and sociopathic, it is ONLY her desire to be loved by Henry that is restraining her at this point. If she ever realizes that Henry is NOT going to approve of her unless she goes the WHOLE redemption route (which she won’t do), she may consider obtaining Henry’s love as a “lost cause.”

In other words, Henry could snap and say “I hate you! You’re not my mom! I will never love you! You murdered my great-grandpa! You’re evil and I never want to see you again!” And she could lose the last thing worth faking redemption for and even turn on Henry and not care anymore about *him*.

Plenty of mothers are capable of behaving evilly and abusively to their children. It’s no stretch at all that a sociopath like Regina could feel betrayed by Henry and consider him her enemy. If that happens, watch out Henry, and watch out citizens of Storybrooke.

New Tinker Bell fan site!

Fairies Forever! is online and being updated often. If you like Tinker Bell and the Disney Fairies, check it out.

Cars 2 – Pixar’s first sub-par movie

I actually liked Cars a lot, even though a lot of people seemed to consider that Pixar’s worst movie. I thought it was really good, as were all Pixar movies.

When I first heard about Cars 2 (years ago) I didn’t fret. Cars was good, and Pixar was well-known to insist on good story first before making a film.

But when I saw the first trailers for Cars 2, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. I didn’t see how they would pull this one off. Mater in Tokyo getting involved in a spy story? This looked like “let’s milk this franchise for all we can” direct-to-video type fare.

And yet I had faith in Pixar, and went to see Cars 2… and it was better than the previews indicated, and the climax was actually exciting… but for the first time in a Pixar film, I found myself, about two-thirds in, wishing it was over.

This story really does not flow organically from the original. No. The characters are shoehorned in to a story with a completely different tone and feel.

The problem of sapient cars in a world with no humans is something that takes a lot of people right out of the film; I was able to suspend this disbelief for the first movie, but the 2nd film really makes that hard. Who made the tiles on the roof that Finn McMissile knocks down? Cars, amazingly enough, do not have hands, and there are sooo many things in their world that need hands to have been made… and so the spy cars are given James Bond-esque voice-activated gadgets that try to make up for it… but all they do for me is call attention to the problem that is actually best glossed over, because it cannot stand up to scrutiny.

This film is basically Mater’s Undercover Adventure, with a small amount of Lightning McQueen thrown in, and barely any of anybody else. Furthermore, there only characterization involved, a spat between best friends, has the exact wrong message. McQueen was RIGHT to ask Mater to behave differently at an upscale party in Tokyo than at his home in a small American town. EVERYONE should be capable of altering their behavior based on what setting they are in. I don’t lounge in my underwear in the public library because “I’m just being true to myself.” I can be true to myself, still be fundamentally myself, and yet have some self-control and consideration for other people’s customs! McQueen may have gotten angry and yelled at Mater, but he was ultimately exactly correct.

Mater’s self-absorption and obtuseness reached mountainous levels in this movie, he left his job as McQueen’s racing coach in the middle of a race to flirt with a girl and didn’t turn his headset off, causing chatter to distract McQueen and ultimately changes the outcome of the race! And then McQueen ends up apologizing?!

My other major problem was that the villains murder a character in cold blood during the film. The camera pans away but we see the dismembered character’s body parts flying through the air in a reflection. Seriously, Pixar? This character is never referred to again. Even after the good-guy spy characters realize that Mater is not their contact, they never wonder where he actually ended up. The murder was not even necessary for the story, he could have been imprisoned instead. My daughter didn’t seem to notice this part much, but I did, and it bothered ME. I don’t go to family films to feel bad. I go to be entertained, or perhaps moved, or englightened, but not to feel bad, and brutal murder makes me feel bad, especially when it’s in such sharp contrast to the rest of the film.

Ultimately, it’s not a horrible movie. It’s a bad Pixar film, but it was for the most part entertaining. I’m sure I’ll buy it on DVD and my daughter will watch it lots, and I’ll even watch it again myself a few times. But I’ll be reading during the boring parts, probably.