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Every blog has a first post, I suppose, and this isn’t it, but close enough. The only people reading this will be the theoretical future people who find my meanderings vaguely interesting.

So, greetings from the past, you who found something on this blog interesting enough to make you want to look through the archives. I haven’t written any of the stuff you found interesting yet, but I hope to. After spending time reading other peoples’ self-indulgent tripe I thought, why not me? In real life I’m quite entertaining, why not start a blog that’s a pale shadow of my sparkling personality, never get any traffic, and come to a sad realization that I’m not really clever at all?

Hmm. Well, let’s just see how it goes.

Since I have no desire for fame whatsoever, I won’t be revealing my real name. (Yes, I know no one cares, but that’s the way I like it. Number one way to keep your privacy is to make sure no one cares.) My wife I shall refer to as Firestar (think Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends). We live on the Peninsula. That’s in the Bay Area.

More later, probably.


Because everyone else has one.

No, if everyone else jumped off a bridge, I wouldn’t.

I’d be too busy going into everyone’s homes and rifling through their possessions. It’s not like they would need them anymore!