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Opera wants Microsoft to include their browser with Windows?

Apparently, Opera (the web browser company) isn’t satisfied that Microsoft has included a “get rid of Internet Explorer completely” switch, they also want Microsoft to include other browsers as options.

I am not by anyone’s standards a Microsoft fan.

But I really don’t get this. What is the problem with them including their own browser. I don’t see WS_FTP suing them over including their own [useless, command line] ftp client.

So they include a browser. Why wouldn’t they? If they didn’t, how would people even download an alternative?

MS Word isn’t included in the OS. What’s there is notepad and wordpad. Does Wordperfect sue them over wordpad? No. A text editor is a standard tool for a robust OS. If Wordperfect doesn’t want to create their own OS, they can create a document editor better than Wordpad. And they did. (MS Word might be preferable, but we’re talking OS-included vs. 3rd party here.)

The point is no one thinks MS is evil for including basic tools. You know who should be upset? Users. They should complain that they want a bare-bones browser (like wordpad is a bare-bones editor), which would result in a cheaper OS they can then customize by adding the browser of their choice.

Oh. But that wouldn’t result in a cheaper OS, because without the revenue brought in by MS search engine being the default in their own browser, the OS would cost more.

Maybe that’s why users aren’t complaining. Just other software companies.

Who are upset that MS has a better business model than they do.

Um… tough.

Let’s be clear, I hate Internet Explorer. I stayed on Netscape 3.01 for years rather than switch to IE. I finally switched, and as soon as I learned Firefox existed I went to that. IE is rubbish.

But so what if it’s included in Windows? It doesn’t hurt me. It doesn’t take away my choice.

Now, if MS refused to allow any other browser to even install, that would be bad. (Whether the government should get involved is another story, there are points on both free market and anti-free market sides. I lean free market a lot but when it comes to, say, children dying of cholera from unpasteurized milk (read your history), I’m firmly on the side of government regulation, and the free market can go hang.)

So Opera doesn’t think MS should have a browser embedded in the OS at all? That’s a bit daft. I’d hate for installing Wordperfect to eradicate Wordpad. There’s a use for having default tools, even if the user chooses to install better tools.

Opera thinks MS should install their software? Why? Just to be nice? They don’t have to. Whatever income they would get from such a partnership is less than continuing to emphasize IE, so why would they? Only if they were as dumb about business as they are about security. (Zing!)

My wife is making custom birthday hats now. We’ll see if we can make any money at it. The hats are quite nice. But either the product is good enough or our marketing is good enough to make it work, or it isn’t. We’re not going to run to mommy and sue Party City for not carrying our hats in stock.

All this does is make Opera look lame.

In the meantime, I’ll still be using Firefox.

DirecTV sucks

DirecTV’s email customer service sucks.

Wussy SUV Drivers

You know what I hate? Driving along and have to come to a screeching halt because the idiot in front of me has to turn right, but they have to slow down to 1 mile per hour in order to do that.

But the worst are SUV drivers who slow down that much just to go over railroad tracks or turn into a driveway.

You’re in an SUV, for crying out loud! It’s supposed to be on dirt and gravel roads, through the underbrush and over boulders!

If you can’t take a little jostling, then get a regular car! It’s bad enough to have an SUV that has never gone outside the city limits, a Hummer or Suburban that has only ever been used to commute to work and pick up groceries. But at least be a little more macho when driving around town!

Go over curbs! Make fast turns! Don’t slow down for bumps, let alone driveways! C’mon!

I’ve got an SUV: a Jeep Cherokee, one of the smallest there is. It has gone offroad in Death Valley, mud flats in Nevada, the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Bighorn Forest in Wyoming, and other places I can’t remember or don’t sound as impressive.

Okay, so I haven’t done that stuff lately; I have a family to take care of now, which takes all my time. But when the kids are grown out of infancy (we have just one, but we’re going to have another, so I always include the not-yet-existent child in my plans), we’ll get to have family camping trips, and then it’ll come in handy.

In the meantime, at least I can travel over bumps in the road without slowing down to speeds easily beaten by Granny in her bathrobe ambling down the hall. So I feel morally superior to all them other SUV drivers.

Plus, my daily commute is 1 mile, so I can feel superior on environmental grounds too.